Feature Spotlight on 4.0 – Week 3 of 3

This week’s post covers additional topics related to Release 4.0 including Reporter enhancements, a new Contracts Module and several enhancements to the GIS upgrade.

There are several Reporter Enhancements in Release 4.0. Report descriptions, entered on the Report Setup Advanced Tab can now be displayed in the Report Preview Window. The description is displayed in blue, directly below the Report Name. A control for specifying that the description should display is available on the Report Layout Tab.

The Reporter has also been enhanced to allow for immediate editing of field properties after adding a field to a report. It is no longer necessary to save (or Apply) changes before editing the properties of the field, such as special formatting or “smart actions.”

The Report List (below) now also displays the last date the report was edited, allowing users to quickly locate recently modified reports.



As an additional security option, the Schedule and Smart Tabs of the Report Setup Window can now be hidden from specified Access Groups. Lastly, user activity with reports can be reviewed in the new User History Feature. The “Reports” option on the User History Feature provides report history by report and user, identifying which reports are being utilized and/or modified.
Contract Module
Release 4.0 includes a new Contracts Module, accessible from the Applications Menu, which allows organizations to maintain information on vendor service contracts. Contracts can be located by vendor, asset association or contract information. Information is maintained on vendor and contract details (terms, dates, status, cost, etc.). Work order activity is tracked and displayed.









Contracts can be assigned to multiple assets and assets can be tied to multiple contracts. Notes can be maintained for each contract. In addition, customers with an onsite installation of Maintenance Connection can upload files/documents to be attached to the contract.








 GIS Viewer
The GIS Viewer in Release 4.0 has an enhanced look and feel, making it easier to view and identify linear assets and infrastructure.










In addition, a new GIS Highlighter Feature allows users to define criteria to highlight records in the viewer. Records specified for highlighting are shown in green on the viewer with the highlight definition listed in the upper left corner. In the above example, all pipes with a “slope greater than 2” are highlighted in green in the viewer.


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