Feature Spotlight: Pivot Reports

Pivot Report Example

Pivot reports are an extremely useful way to compare data.  Pivot reports require you define which fields should be the Row, Column or Summary Data.  Below is an example of a pivot report that shows a list of Problem Names and then a count of work orders for each by month. 

Click Image to See Full View


The key steps to build this report are as follows:

1) Add 3 “Available” fields:  [WO] Problem Name, [WO] Requested, [WO] WO # to a Closed Work Order List report found in the Work Order (Closed) reports folder.  Be sure to copy and rename this report so that the base report is not modified.


2) Set [WO] Problem Name as Sort 1


3) On Layout tab, select the Summary Report radio button.  In addition, check the Display Column Lines checkbox.


4) After Applying the Available fields, click each and select Edit. 

– Set [WO] Problem Name Pivot Setup to Row


– Set [WO] Requested Pivot Setup to Column.  In addition, set the Columns Defined Using field to Months (Jan, Feb, Mar).  BE SURE to set the radio button at the bottom of the Edit dialog box, Custom Expression?, to Yes


– Set [WO] WO # Pivot Setup to Summary Data.  In addition, enter COUNT in the Aggregate Function field


Upon completion of the above setup configuration steps, the report may now be ran and you should receive the same layout as seen in the first screenshot above. 

Pivot reports may be configured with a variety of field combinations to achieve different results.  For example, a You may also add additional sorting groups or columns to enhance the report analytics, conditional formatting to highlight certain data elements, or charts/graphs to summarize the information. 

In version 4.0, the Reporter Guide will be available as a PDF and HTML (similar to current User Guide) which will include more user friendly navigation tools, such as, Search and Index.  Additionally, a new “Help” icon will be present in the top right of the Reporter dialog box for in-line assistance. 

We expect that many customers define the success of our application by the reports they can create.  Our support team is always available to help you meet your reporting goals.  Please contact us at (888) 567-3434 x88 and/or support@maintenanceconnection.com.

Customer Spotlight:  Profiles of Success

We are excited about the success that so many of our customers have experienced by implementing Maintenance Connection and are currently working on our 2009 Customer Profiles of Success project to learn more about each customer’s unique story. 

We have selected several companies to participate and have received some outstanding responses that we will be highlighting in future blogs.  By filling out the simple seven question form found at the link below, you can become a part of this inspiring project.   We will be compiling these case studies to be published at the www.maintenanceconnection.com website under the Customers area. 

Click Here for 2009 Profiles of Success Survey


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