Profiles of Success: The McGraw-Hill Companies


With all the wonderful feedback we’ve received from each of our customers, we decided to highlight these through a new tool called “Profiles of Success”. Through The MC Blog, we will periodically select a customer who has completed the below survey. If your organization is interested in participating in the Profiles of Success survey, simply fill out this form and we’ll include your response in a future post.

A special thanks to Mark Samons and Zack Hess at The McGraw-Hill Companies for providing such thorough feedback about your usage of Maintenance Connection.

Survey Questions:  The McGraw-Hill Companies’ Responses: 
Question #1:

  • What system (if any) was in place before Maintenance Connection was implemented?


  • What were some of the main business drivers for implementing CMMS?

  • We used the MP2 system by DataStream prior to implementing Maintenance Connection.
  • Main drivers for CMMS implementation included:
    • Manage assets and record asset history
    • Manage workflow
    • Manage spares inventory
    • Schedule PMs
Question #2:

  • What were your top reasons for choosing Maintenance Connection over other CMMS options?


  • And which other CMMS options did you consider (Optional Question)?

  • Our Top reasons for selecting Maintenance Connection were because of their CMM systems’:
    • Powerful Features:
      • Their features were easy to learn and very user-friendly
      • (because if the staff can’t use it – it’s useless).
    • Ability to manage multiple locations and stockrooms.
    • Excellent ability to produce custom reports without programming.
      • Because if we can’t get the data we need back out of a database, why even put it in?
    • Ability to submit work orders online through the requester tool.
    • And of course, their e-mail notifications detailing work order history.
      • This was a fantastic tool and ensured our processes were running smoothly.
  • We were considering DataStream’s 7i, but Maintenance Connection’s price and overall value surpassed that option.
Question #3:

  • Describe the general usage of Maintenance Connection within your organization.

  • The primary areas of Maintenance Connection we use, include tracking and managing:
    • Maintenance workflow
    • Spares inventory
    • Equipment assets
    • PM and recurring task work orders
    • Non-emergency service request work orders
Question #4:

  • List a few improvements that your company has experienced as a result of implementing Maintenance Connection’s CMMS?


  • (Examples include: reduced downtime by 10%, decreased parts stock-outs by 25%, saved $100,000 per year in overtime)

  • We have noticed that Maintenance Connection has benefited our company with a lot of different company-wide improvements. For example:
    • The ability to manage equipment assets and their care (PM) across an entire organization.
      • We can now do this with great consistency between locations.
    • Successfully manage our inventory.
      • Since implementing this program, out-of-stocks have become nearly non-existent.
    • We can now monitor partial receipts until a stock order is complete.
    • The ability to monitor inventory usage over time has allowed us to adjust stock levels to the needed quantities.
    • Technicians are now able to quickly narrow down searches in equipment history to find past issues with a particular piece of equipment.
      • They have also had great success finding similar failures across multiple locations, which has helped speed up the process of troubleshooting.
    • Downtime is definitely reduced, and overtime can often be reduced or completely avoided.
    • We have enjoyed having the ability to monitor our performance in order to see what we do well and where we need to improve.
      • In turn, this has allowed us to provide the best possible service to our customers.

  • Describe your experience during implementation, from the initial purchase through “go-live.”

  • The initial purchase was painless for us.
    • We continuously asked Brad, at Maintenance Connection, countless questions and for repeated online demonstrations during our decision making process to ensure we were getting the best product possible.
    • In the end, Brad was extremely helpful, he did not pressure us, and definitely let the product do the talking.
  • We decided to have Maintenance Connection host our database initially, until we could secure space on our in-house servers.
    • This proved to be a good idea, as it made it easy to work the Maintenance Connection Support Team during set-up.
    • Their help made the process of becoming familiar with the CMS software very easy for us.
  • Overall, the training we received from Maintenance Connection’s Support Team helped a lot and our “go-live” experience was very successful.

  • Do you have any suggestions for someone just beginning the implementation of CMMS?

  • Map out a plan for documentation and data integrity and ENFORCE it.
  • If work orders are not filled out, or are filled out poorly (i.e. – attached to wrong asset, not including parts used, lack of detail in labor reports) you will be disappointed with the results.
    • We tie this to our yearly goals, and rate our techs on it. It is a good way to keep employees accountable.
  • If you have old data to import – and it is not up to par – consider starting fresh.
    • You will quickly build history that is complete and useable.
  • Don’t try to do it alone. You know your business, the people who created the CMMS know their software. Work together for the best results.

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