Work Order Tips: Week 1 of 3

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Batch Work Order Assignments

In an effort to help customer learn more of the ins and outs of using Maintenance Connection, we will review specific topics over the next three weeks related to optimizing how your use the Work Order Module. Assigning work orders to your maintenance staff is a very useful way to track who is doing what, and also lends to the ability to view your assigned work orders in both a list and calendar format by labor. Often times, customers like to take a whole list of work orders and assign them or re-assign them to one specific individual. This brief tutorial will explain batch assignments.

Here is how to batch assign work orders to an individual:

  1. Log into the Maintenance, Repair and Operations WorkCenter
  2. When you see your work order list, click the Explore button from the top navigation bar

  3. Using the checkbox to the left of each of the work orders, select the work orders you’d like to assign
    NOTE: Sometimes prior this step, it’s a good idea to use the criteria filters to select the records you’d like to assign
  4. Once your work orders are selected, click the Assign button at the bottom of the screen.
    (Notice there are several other buttons which also allow you to perform batch functions on multiple work orders)
  5. The screen below shows some of the options for assigning or re-assigning work orders. Simply select the individual or vendor from the “Assign To” drop-down and click Apply to process the batch assignment.
    (Quick note about the “Remove Existing Assignments” option – if the selected work orders are already assigned, this process by default will add to the assignments. If you check this box, the work order will be re-assigned.)


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