Work Order Tips: Week 2 of 3

Work Order Quick Close

Last week, we covered batch assignments and  this week we will be covering the most efficient way to close a work order.  One of the ways Maintenance Connection has accommodated this request is by consolidating the ability to add hours and notes through one final closure screen.  The original design required users to add time via the Costs tab of the work order, save, and then open the Complete/Close dialog to finish closing the WO.   The below steps will provide you instruction on how to speed up the close out steps by skipping the Costs tab and using this included feature:

1) Log in to Maintenance Connection.  Both the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) and Technician Workcenter (TWC) accommodate the ability to quickly close a work order.

2) Navigate to a work order that requires closure.  The most common method is to use the “My Open Assignments” that can be found in both interfaces.  Screenshot 1 = MRO, Screenshot 2 = TWC.





3)  Left click to select a specific work order in the Explorer and then click the Complete/Close button.  In the MRO, this button is typically located at the bottom of the WO Details screen.  In the TWC, this button is located in the Action bar at the top of the window.  See below for screenshots of each button.




4)  The Complete/Close dialog allows users to indicate that a job is complete by adding notes, confirming their assignments are complete, updating the failure analysis, recording downtime, and updating the appropriate account or category the work order should be applied against.  The “Set My Total Labor Hours” box was built to allow technicians to update all of the hours spent on a job at one time.
5)  Enter hours into the above box by clicking the calculator drop-down or by manually typing.   The hours will be recorded for the logged in user ONLY and will create a single entry of time.  NOTE:  If hours were entered previously on the WO costs tab for this labor, they will be replaced by this entry. 
6) Click Apply to confirm the entries on the Complete/Close dialog.  The hours entered through this dialog will be visible historically through the WO–>Costs tab … the alternative location to enter hours.
In a continuing effort to build a fast and efficient interface, Maintenance Connection offers additional tools, such as, the Work Order Rapid Entry (WORE) and Labor Timesheet that also allow for efficient data entry and in some cases, WO closure.  Please consult our user guide and our support staff for additional information on these options.

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