Inside MC: Meet the MC Team – Calvin

Have you contacted the Maintenance Connection support team within the past three years?  If you have done so more than once, it is likely you have met Mr. Easy, better known as Calvin.  I describe him as Mr. Easy because it describes so many aspects of his personality:  easy to get along with, solving problems is easy for him, and he always shows customers how easy the software can be to use.

Outside of his dedicated work at Maintenance Connection, Calvin keeps himself busy with several hobbies including cars, music, computer games, and disc golf.  Of course this all falls second to his new bride Sarah whom he married just recently on May 30.  If you were wondering why you couldn’t reach Calvin the first week of June, he was honeymooning in the Virgin Islands – St. Thomas to be exact.   They have since returned to their real lives and home in Burlington, NC which is about an hour from where Calvin grew up in Winston-Salem (no – he doesn’t smoke) , and about 30 minutes from Greensboro where he went to college at University North Carolina, Greensboro. 


As a child, Calvin would frequently take his toys apart and put them back together and admits he “like[s] to see how things work”.  Over the past few years, he has worked on his 1992 Acura Vigor and has replaced practically every part including the engine, custom welded seats, and converting from an automatic to manual transmission.  His passion for music resulted in him adding a custom stereo system on which he will play anything that sounds good with his 12″ subwoofers except “country and world music”. 

See images below:  1) Calvin’s project car … paint will be the finishing touch.  2) The new engine he replaced personally 3) The custom car stereo

When he isn’t listening to music in the car, you may find Calvin playing music on one of his 3 guitars (2 electric, 1 acoustic shown below), trying out a new work out or supplement at the gym, or playing a round of disc golf at a local course (that’s throwing frisbees in metal nets).  That finally explains why Calvin almost wins at our company events that include this unique sport. 



As you can see, Calvin’s curiosity and dedication to excellence extends well beyond his ability to troubleshoot and develop software, however, he still makes it look easy.   So the next time you call in for a support incident, see if you can get him to play “Free Bird” before you go.



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