Inside MC: Meet the MC Team – Jeremiah

Introducing Maintenance Connection’s beach bum – Jeremiah Sumner. If you’ve spent any time calling into our support desk, I bet you’ve had your questions answered by him. Jeremiah has been on the MC team since 2006 in various roles, and is certainly a reliable member of the team who knows the Maintenance Connection product inside and out. He grew up surfing at the beaches of Southern California, where he still frequently visits family. Here’s a recent picture of Jeremiah’s family in Tahoe (he’s the one in the middle):

He currently lives with his wife and 16-month-old daughter near the MC Headquarters in Northern California. A family man, Jeremiah spends most of his non-work time with his very cute little daughter, Ellie. They were recently able to buy their first home, so now he spends weekends doing yard work and being Mr. Fix-it – which he claims to enjoy (for now).

He and his wife of four years attend a church nearby where they spent time helping in the three-year-old nursery to get practice before Ellie was born. Now, he enjoys a weekly bible study with some of the guys from his church. He claims to love music of every type…except elevator jazz. So next time you call into support and talk to Jeremiah, ask him how green his grass is looking and be sure to turn down that smooth jazz station you play in the background.


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