Configuring the Service Requester – Week 1 of 3

Have you ever wanted to remove a field displayed in the Service Requester? In this first of three posts on the Service Requester, we will discuss how to define the fields displayed and how to ensure users enter values into required fields.

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Configuring Display Fields
To configure the fields that should be displayed on the Service Requester, use the “Service Requester Configuration…” option on the MRO Tools Menu. When the Configuration Tool appears, click the Submit Service Request tab…

For each field listed, you can specify whether or not it should be displayed on the Service Requester and whether or not the user should be required to enter a value in the field prompt. There are two checkboxes prefacing each field name; the one on the right specifies whether or not the field should be displayed; the one on the left (marked with the exclamation point) allows you to designate if entry should be required.

In the above example, only the Type and Priority fields will be displayed, and the user will not be required to complete either field. The Submit Service Request Page might look like this…

Let’s go ahead and change the Configuration Tool to prompt the user to enter the date the repair is “Needed By”. To do this, check the box immediately to the left of the “Needed By” field (click in the box). Similarly, if you want to require the user to specify the “Type” of problem, check the “required” box in the left column. Your new configuration page might look like this:

To save the changes you have made, be sure to click the Button (you can also click Save, but this will close the Configuration Tool).

To see how this will appear on the actual Service Requester, click the Button in the lower left of the Configuration Tool. The “Submit Service Request” Page will appear showing the changes you specified. Notice how the Needed By field now appears and the Type Field now indicates it is “Required”. The user will not be able to “Submit” a Service Request without completing all fields designated as required.



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