Configuring the Service Requester – Week 2 of 3

In this second post regarding Configuring the Service Requester, we will discuss how customers with onsite installations of Maintenance Connection can set up the SR to allow users to upload files, such as images or documents.

Configuring the SR to Allow Attachments

Customers with onsite installations of MC are taking advantage of this helpful feature that allows users entering service requests to attach pertinent documents and images. The attachments, such as an image of damaged equipment or further explanatory documentation, are then automatically attached to the generated work order.

To configure the SR to allow for updating of images or attachments, use the “Service Requester Configuration…” option on the MRO Tools Menu. When the Configuration Tool appears, click the Submit Service Request Tab…

Customers with onsite installations of MC will notice that the following three checkboxes are available in the far right column of the field list:

These options allow you to specify whether or not users should be able to upload Documents, Images or Misc Files from the Service Requester. The Documents option allows users to attach a document from your current Documents Library, but does not allow them to upload a new document. The “Images” and “Misc Files” options allow users to upload new images or file attachments that will be directly associated with the generated work order.

Let’s check the options for Images and Misc Files and look at how this affects the SR:

To save the changes you have made, be sure to click the Button (you can also click Save, but this will close the Configuration Tool).

To see how this will appear on the actual Service Requester, click the Button in the lower left of the Configuration Tool. The “Submit Service Request” Page will appear, displaying new sections for uploading “Images” and “Misc Files.”

In the following example, the user has used the available “Add” buttons to specify an image and file to be attached:

These attachments would be accessible from the Work Order: Attach Tab of the generated work order.


Coming Postings…

Next week, in our final blog in the series on Configuring the SR, we will discuss how to set up an email notification for Service Requests.

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