Configuring the Service Requester – Week 3 of 3

In this third post regarding Configuring the Service Requester, we will discuss how to set up the SR to send an email notification when work orders are generated from a service request.

Use the Rules Manager to Set Up Email Notification

The Rules Manager can be used to set up an email notification for all work orders generated from a service request, or only work orders that meet particular criteria, such as work orders of a high priority or those requiring shutdown of an asset. Notifications can be sent to individuals associated with the work order (such as the “assignee”) and/or another specified email address. You can even modify the content of the email.

To set up an email notification rule, use the “Rules Manager” option on the MRO Tools Menu. When the Rules Manager appears, click the Notification Rules Tab.

Ensure the correct Repair Center is specified in the upper right of the dialog and click the Button at the bottom of the dialog. The “New Auto-Email Rule” Dialog will appear, prompting you to specify the event that will invoke the rule. Scroll down the list and select the EVENT labeled: “New Work Order (Created Using the Service Requester)”. The selected event name will automatically be populated into the Rule Name at the top of the dialog. Be sure to specify the Repair Center for the rule (below the name).

If you want the email to be sent whenever a service request is generated, you do not need to specify criteria. However, if you only want emails to be sent under certain conditions, click the Criteria Sub-Tab. Use the Edit Button at the bottom of the dialog, to define criteria (such as “Priority is 01-High” or “Target Date is within Current Week”).

To specify who should receive the email, click the Associated Recipients Sub-Tab. Let’s click the “Requester” checkbox to indicate that the individual requesting the work order should receive an email.

The Recipients Sub-Tab is used to specify additional recipients that should receive the email. Notice that you can specify an individual to receive the email only when there are no “associated recipients” (such as when there is no default assignment) or in all cases. To test this feature, you can enter your own email address as an “Additional Recipient.”

When you are finished defining this email notification rule, click the Button at the bottom of the dialog. The new rule will be saved as “Enabled” by default and listed in the Rules Manager.

Once the rule has been saved, you can “Edit” the rule and use the sub-tabs available to alter the Message Text/HTML or other email settings.

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