Configuring PM Schedules – Week 1 of 3

In this first of three posts regarding Configuring PM Schedules, we will discuss the options for scheduling date-based PM schedules. This type of PM schedule determines the next scheduled maintenance for an asset based on elapsed time or specific dates. Maintenance Connection offers tremendous flexibility for scheduling date based PM Schedules (e.g., weekly, every six months, first Monday of every other month, three months after last maintenance, specific identified dates, etc.).

To configure the PM based on elapsed time or fixed dates, use the “Schedule” tab in the Preventive Maintenance Module. Five intervals for date based options are displayed. As you select an interval (weekly, monthly, etc.), the settings available for this option are displayed in a blue box to the right.


In the above example, we have set a “fixed” schedule in which PM Work Orders will be generated on the 15th of every third month, regardless of when the last scheduled maintenance occurred.

Maintenance Connection also supports “floating” PM Schedules, in which the next scheduled maintenance is calculated based on the last completed date for the asset. In the following example, using the indicator below the blue box, we have scheduled maintenance to occur once a year based on the date the last work order was complete (if a work order was completed on November 12th, the next scheduled maintenance would be set for November 12th of the following year):


Tip: The Online User Guide provides numerous examples of date based PM Schedules, including schedules with multiple intervals (i.e., different procedures performed at different intervals). Refer to the Overview of PM Schedules Topic in the User Guide or search for “sample schedules”.


Coming Postings…

Next week, in our second blog in the series on Configuring PM Schedules, we will discuss how to set up a meter based schedule dependent on asset usage (hours of usage, mileage, produced units, etc.).


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