Configuring PM Schedules – Week 2 of 3

In this second post regarding Configuring PM Schedules, we will discuss the options for scheduling meter based PM Schedules. This type of PM Schedule determines the next scheduled maintenance for an asset based on usage, as determined by meter readings.   Meter readings are commonly used to track hours of asset usage, mileage or production activity (number of copies made, widgets produced, etc.). 

To configure a PM Schedule based on meter readings, use the “Schedule Tab” in the Preventive Maintenance Module. Select “Meter” to display the options for setting intervals for “Meter 1” and/or “Meter 2” units.


In the above example, we have set a “fixed” schedule in which a PM Work Order will be generated after 500 “meter 1” units have been used. If the initial work order is generated at a meter reading of 4000, the next work order will be generated at the meter reading 4500, even if the meter reading was 4200 by the time the original work order was complete.

If you prefer to base the next interval on the meter reading upon completion of the work order, you can create a “floating” PM Schedule. To do this, use the indicator below the meter setting to ensure that the next scheduled maintenance interval is based on the meter at the time the work order is complete. In our example, if the meter reading was 4200 at the time the last work order was completed, the next maintenance would be scheduled when the meter reading was 4700.


Tip: The Online User Guide provides numerous examples of meter based PM Schedules, including schedules with multiple intervals (i.e., different procedures performed at different intervals). Refer to the Overview of PM Schedules Topic in the User Guide or search for “sample schedules”.


Coming Postings…

Next week, in our final blog in the series on Configuring PM Schedules, we will discuss how to setup a PM Schedule based on organizational unit (such as department).


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