Configuring PM Schedules – Week 3of 3

In this final post regarding Configuring PM Schedules, we will discuss the option for scheduling maintenance based on organizational units, such as departments or zones. This option is most commonly used by customers in particular industries, such as health care. As an example, a Clinical Engineering Manager at a hospital may wish to have all equipment in a particular department (e.g., Radiology, Pediatrics or Cardiology) inspected and maintained at the same time.

To configure a PM Schedule based on organizational unit, open the organizational unit on which the schedule is to be based (such as the department) and select the PMs Tab. The page will display listing all associated assets and prompt you to enter the “Cycle Start Date” on which the next maintenance cycle should start.


To the right of each listed asset, you must specify that you wish to have the PM Cycle Start Date based on the organizational unit (e.g., DP for Department). In the following example, the first four assets have been changed to have their maintenance date based on the DP (department) schedule, whereas the fifth asset will continue to be calculated based on the PM Schedule:


Be sure to click the Save Button next to each record specified with a new “PM Cycle Start By” parameter. The record row will display in green once it has been saved.


Tip: The Online User Guide provides the codes for each organizational unit (such as DP for Department, CU for Customer). Search for “pm cycle”.


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