Features Used Lightly – 1 of 3

There are many wonderful features within Maintenance Connection, and some that we think are very interesting yet not used much. In this first in a three part series about lightly used features in Maintenance Connection, we will review the ability to modify the colors and HTML text displayed in the Service Requester.

To access the Service Requester Configuration tool, open the Tools Menu and select Service Requester Configuration… The Service Requester Configuration tool will open:

Customize Service Requester Colors or Background

The Appearance Tab of the SR Configuration Tool allows you to set the color of displayed titles, headers, text and links. You can even set a background color/image or modify the logo displayed.

To change the color, click on the color dropdown control to the right of the attribute to be altered and click on the desired color. For example, to change the blue “Text Link Color” to a shade of green, you might select the color shown at the bottom of the color palette:

You can continue modifying color selections for different types of text to be displayed on the SR Pages. When you are finished, click the “Apply Button” and then click “Preview“. Your new color selections will display:


Customizing HTML Pages

The default Main Menu tab includes “Edit” buttons allowing you to customize the Welcome, Customer Service and FAQ Page. Only the pages that are “checked” have been designated to display in your Service Requester.

To edit the content and appearance of one of these pages, click the “Edit” Button to the right of the page name. For example, clicking the “Edit” Button to the right of the FAQ Page might appear as follows:

The content of the displayed text can be modified through simple text editing. To change the format of the displayed HTML Text, simply select the text and then select the desired option from the toolbar. For example, selecting text and clicking:

  • – would change the selected text to italic.
  • – would bring forward the color picker on which a color can be selected.


Click “Apply” when finished and then click “Close“. Click “Preview” to view the new page in the Service Requester. The updated HTML might appear as follows:

For more information on Service Requester Configuration, refer to the System Administration: Service Requester Configuration section of the Online User Guide.


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