Lightly Used Features – 2 of 3

In this second in the three part series on helpful features that are not often used in the system, we will show how you can edit the content of help text “on the fly”.

To access field level help, click on the blue label to the left of the field prompt. As your mouse hovers over the label, the text will turn red, indicating that you can click to obtain help information. Click on the label and a help window will appear.


You can modify the help text that is displayed to include information that is specific to your organization. On some fields, such as “Account”, there is no default help listed, allowing you to enter information about how the field is used at your organization. When you click on the field label, the Help Popup will display. To edit the help text, click on the Edit Button on the bottom of the dialog.

The popup will refresh with a text editing window, allowing you to enter your own text or customize any text that is displayed. Enter the desired text and click the Apply Button on the bottom of the dialog.


The editing window will disappear and the new help text will display as it will appear whenever a user clicks on the “Account” Label.


The help editing feature is especially useful when customizing user fields, as explanatory information on the use for the field can be provided. When you edit the help text for a user field, you are also given the opportunity to change the label for the field and indicate if the field should be connected to a lookup table.


Users with HTML experience can also embed HTML tags into the help text to support enhanced formatting (bold texts, colors, lists).


Tip: Refer to the User Guide for more information on editing help and customizing user fields.


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