Lightly Used Features – 3 of 3


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In this entry we are wrapping up the three part series on helpful features that are not often used in the system.  Below we will show how you can automate work order target dates based on the priority of a request or work order. The Priority Actions Manager lets you designate the number of days beyond the “requested date” on which the target date should be set. For example, you could indicate that all “high priority work orders” should be set with a target date one day beyond the requested date.

There are a couple caveats to note:

  • To work with service requests, you must have your Service Requester configured to prompt users to enter a priority (so that the calculation can be made).
  • Target dates for work orders generated from a Preventive Maintenance Schedule are typically based on the schedule definition, rather than the priority. If you wish to have the date based on the work order priority, a Preventive Maintenance Preference is available to designate this.


To set work order target dates based on priority, open the Tools Menu and select Priority Actions Manager…

At the top of the Priority Actions Dialog that displays, check the control to indicate that you wish to Enable Priority Actions:

Each priority defined for your organization will be listed in the dialog. For each priority listed, enter the number of days beyond the requested date on which the target date should be set.

When you have finished specifying the number of days for each priority, click the Save Button. Click the Close Button to exit the dialog.

Welcome New Customers

  • Avon Protection Systems
  • City of Borough and Sitka
  • Halifax Medical Center
  • Depository Trust
  • Trussway
  • Welty Building Company

3 Responses to “Lightly Used Features – 3 of 3”

  1. I love the ease of use of Maintenance Connection. Its far easier than our old system.

  2. We started using MC about a year and a half ago. MC allowed us to build our entire system on a demo database and test it for a couple of months before we finalized a committment. They knew how good their product was and now, so do we. It is a great software solution and the only thing it doesn’t do is actually perform the maintenance.

  3. I like this feature.

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