Help for System Administrators

System Administrators looking for assistance on administrative features of Maintenance Connection will now find a section of helpful topics in the User Guide. The updated User Guide that was included in Version 4.2 includes a chapter dedicated to System Admin Features:


While some of the topics in the System Administration Chapter were previously included in other sections of the User Guide, numerous new sections have been added. Following are some sections that you might find especially helpful:

  • Rules Manager: Would you like to be notified when an “urgent” work order is created? Or, would you like a Shop Supervisor to receive an email when a particular piece of equipment is taken out of service or has a reading/specification that is out or range? You will find helpful instructions for automating “event triggered” notifications, including assistance in defining recipients and email content.


Note: The Maintenance Connection Service Agent must be installed in order to use Notification Rules.


  • Customization Tools: Would you like to know what tools are available to “customize” the appearance and behavior of the system? A section on “Customizing the Interface” is available with instructions for modifying user fields, using the forms manager to hide fields or change their label (or make entry required), or even modify the tabs that are displayed in each module.



  • Work Order/Asset Tools: Would you like to configure the Complete/Close Dialog so that technicians can enter actual labor and material when they close out work orders? Would you like to change the order in which assets are displayed on your asset tree? Instructions for these features and others are available in the Asset and Work Order Tools Chapters:


 Tip: The System Administration topics are available from both the User Guide and System Administration options on the Help Menu.


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