Going Social with MC

MCRV Tour Update Week 3 of 13: Busy week in Phoenix, New Mexico and Denver. Heading east to KC, then south to Texas. Visit www.mcrvtour.com for our VIDEO BLOG and be sure to SIGN UP for an upcoming training stop. Brian will be shaving Friday, so be sure to vote.

Going Social with MC
You know how they say “iron sharpens iron”? Well, one of our goals is to bring MC customers together to learn from each other and sharpen each other’s skills with CMMS. With such amazing social networking tools available, it’s time for Maintenance Connection to jump in and take the lead on connecting users together.

Connect with us and other MC users on Facebook and LinkedIn if you have not already. Subscribe to our brand new iTunes video podcast and receive several video tutorials that will sync through iTunes to your iPod or iPhone. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with what’s happening at Maintenance Connection. We’ll be keeping these sources up to date with our weekly blog content and other exciting updates.





iTunes Video

These tools can provide an excellent means for networking with other people in your circle. Have you jumped in yet? We’d love to hear how you are using social networking for business and networking purposes. Join our Facebook page and let us know. Another developing social networking site we’ve found useful specifically for facility managers is http://my.facilitiesnet.com. If you have a few minutes to check out this website, we believe you’d find some value in signing up and connecting with others in the industry.


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