Custom Charts and Reports

Customer Support is often contacted by customers seeking sophisticated reports and charts to portray work order activity and trends. While many requests can be handled through standard features of the Reporter, some require functionality that goes beyond what the end user can configure. In these instances, customers can engage our Tech Services Group to create custom reports and charts to address their unique needs. Following are a few examples of custom charts completed by Randy Johnson, the programmer highlighted in last week’s blog.

This first chart provides a count of work orders by region and type, aggregating data on two different groupings and providing a custom label format:

The next example shows a “stacked” bar chart displaying work order counts for each hour of the day. Each bar shows the count by severity (emergency vs. standard), as well as the total count. Bars are only displayed for the hours of the day in which calls were recorded:

The following chart shows aging activity in aggregations of days for each shop (number of emergency and standard requests closed within 0-7 days and then 8-29 days).

In this last example, a side by side chart displays work order counts for different urgencies on each day of the week, broken down by “source” (ad-hoc, call-in, email).

These charts are just a few examples of the enhanced capabilities that are available through custom report generation. For further information on custom report services, including estimated costs, please contact the Customer Support team or your Implementation Consultant.


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