Editing Rights for Asset Levels

In a guest post by implementation consultant, Jeremy Corbitt, we learn more about how to configure the ability to edit assets within Maintenance Connection. In the Access Group Rights configuration, there is an option to enable/disable the editing of up to five levels of the asset tree as well as the ability to edit assets altogether.  Here is a brief explanation of how this feature works, and some real world examples of how it can be used.

If all rights here are enabled then you can edit any level of the asset tree (i.e. change the name, serial number, etc. for any asset in the asset tree.)

One example configuration is as follows:

Level 5 is the key for this example. This means that levels 1-4 are not editable by this user. If we choose an asset that is in levels 1-4 these records are designated as “view-only”, the user in this access group does not have the ability to edit them. Since level 5 is enabled, this user has full control to edit that record.

The same is true if we use this configuration where only Level 3 is editable.

This configuration will only let them edit level 3 of the asset tree.  This user will not be able to make any other modifications to the assets unless they are same particular level that they have access to edit.

The question that should come to mind is what will happen if we turn off edit levels 1-5 but leave the Edit assets right enabled.  In this case, Levels 1-5 of the asset tree are no longer editable.  If you have 8 levels to your asset tree then levels 6-8 are editable. In other words any levels above level 5 will be editable.

This could be an interesting feature to consider to more thoroughly designate security settings within your instance of Maintenance Connection.


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