Inside MC: Meet the Team – Cary

Cary Yocum, a Senior Account Manager with Maintenance Connection for over 5 years, keeps our whole team busy, adding an impressive number and variety of customers to our client base each month! Cary especially enjoys learning about each prospective customer and then working with them to define a solution that will benefit and improve their organization. And, although he is officially part of our sales team, the “inner nerd” in Cary can’t resist getting his hands dirty on the technical front. It is a bit of a running joke at MC that when Brian Kincaid, Client Services Manager, has an annoying problem with his computer, Cary sneaks in as “Tech Support” for the day and finds a solutionJ.

As busy as Cary is with his MC role, a quick peek at his personal life makes it clear that the real work begins at the end of the day, when he shifts to “dad” mode. Cary and his lovely wife Melissa have three children under the age of 5, with another one on the way! They live in Colorado with their three active boys, Carson (4), Caden (3) and Carter (1).

Cary and Melissa met in college, where they both pursued their love for music. While at school, he studied both vocal and piano performance and even recorded a live music album with Melissa for their college. Cary continues to enjoy teaching music to young people, including a youth band from his church.

Cary’s involvement in his church extends beyond music, serving as a Youth Pastor. His most memorable experience occurred last summer, when he led a group of 25 individuals on a trip to Germany to remodel a teen center. To provide local youth with a safe place to “hang out,” they remodeled an old building housed in a troubled area of Berlin. The new “teen center” includes a lounge, as well as apartments. Cary recruited Scott Lasher from MC to join him on this rewarding endeavor. Cary and Scott are marked in the following picture of the group.

For those of you who might find Cary in your neck in the woods – he wants to be sure you know that he enjoys any excuse to take customers out to dinner…. any takers???


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