Managing Parts – 3 of 3

In this final post in the series about Managing Parts, we will take a peek at the features available to update inventory levels to reflect actual quantities found during a “physical count”. There are two features available from the Actions Menu, “Adjust Inventory” and “Count Inventory”.


The Adjust Inventory Feature displays the current inventory levels for items and allows you to directly adjust “On Hand” Inventory Quantities. As On Hand (OH) Inventory Levels are changed and saved, the adjustments are applied immediately. The actual “on hand” inventory levels for the item will be changed.


The Count Inventory Feature allows users to enter updated counts for items and have them “pending” until you are ready to review them and have them applied to the system. One great benefit of this feature is that it is available for wireless users on the MC Mobile Application.

When the Count Inventory Feature is used, the system calculates and displays the difference to be applied as the user enters each actual “count”. In the following example, an actual count of 13 HVAC Filters in the Main Stock Room was recorded and an updated count of 24 was entered for the SF Stock Room. The system then calculates and displays the adjustments that will be made (+3 for Main Stock Room and -1 for SF Stock Room).


When you are ready to apply counts that have been updated from either the MRO WorkCenter or MC Mobile Application, you simply use the “Apply Counts to Inventory…” option available from the Actions Menu.


A dialog is displayed prompting you to confirm that you wish to apply the stored counts. After clicking on the Apply Button, the system will apply the updated counts and provide a confirming message. As with all updates to inventory quantities, these adjustments can be viewed from the Inventory Item (Transactions->Adjustments Tab). Although it is a bit hard to see in this small image, the page shows the two adjustments made in the “Count” feature (+3 for Main and -1 for SF Stock Room). Adjustments made from the Adjust Inventory Feature will also be shown on this tab.


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