Service Excellence – Help us to Help You

At Maintenance Connection, we have always taken pride in the level of customer service extended to our customers. In general, our acclaimed service excellence has been “inbound” in nature, responding to customer requests and issues as they are brought to our attention. In an effort to raise the bar on the service we provide, we are adding a new Account Relationship Department that can more proactively reach out to our customers. This group will be contacting individual customers, checking to see how the system is working and identifying ways that we might be able to better serve you.

What to Expect from an Account Relationship Call

The primary goal of our Account Relationship Management (ARM) role is to ensure the highest customer satisfaction. To this end, our team will be verifying that you are receiving valuable reports from the system and successfully using system features on a daily basis. We will also make sure you are utilizing the current version of the software and are familiar with valuable new features such as the one-stop “Enhanced Work Order Complete/Close Dialog” and “Work Order Clone”.

As we continue to expand the customer resources available to you, we also want to ensure you are using them to your fullest advantage. We will check to see if you would like additional users signed up for the weekly blog and verify you are aware of the User Community. Lastly, we will ensure that you have access to the Customer Service Portal (CSP), where we continue to add new tutorials and troubleshooting guides to help you become an MC expert.

We are anxious to hear your feedback about our product and services and look forward to using this information to shape our future releases. For those of you who may be too busy to meet with us on the phone, we will also provide the option to fill out a short survey.

Connecting with Our Customers

This year’s MCRV Tour, which allowed us to meet over 300 customers face to face, was the first phase in our efforts to connect to each of our customers personally.  We look forward to broadening these efforts over the coming months through this new ARM Role.


One Response to “Service Excellence – Help us to Help You”

  1. Shery Gregoire July 2, 2010 at 5:28 pm

    Loved the tour! I would like to see more opportunities for training broken down by modules for beginning, Intermediate and advanced skill sets. The account manager is too busy to come train so maybe you could have a trainer travel by appointment for the module we(customers)need. Over the phone training works OK for just me but there are others that need the hands on as well. We really like the CMMS but are unhappy with the training time. It feels like pulling teeth to get him here. Thanks. Sherry

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