Troubleshooting Docs in the CSP

The Maintenance Connection Customer Service Portal (CSP), available to all MC Customers, includes numerous helpful tutorials and documents.


The Documentation Section, accessed by clicking the Documentation Button on the lower left of the CSP, includes numerous troubleshooting, implementation and technical guides, as well as PDF versions of the MC User Guides. In recent weeks, we have added several helpful troubleshooting guides that may prove beneficial to your organization:

  • Email Troubleshooting: Guide for troubleshooting problems that occur when you attempt to email notifications, reports or work orders to individuals within your organization, as well as external parties. The most common problems result from recipient email systems blocking receipt of the email or errors in specified addresses or settings within Maintenance Connection. This document provides guidelines to address these types of issues.


  • Agent Troubleshooting: Guide to assist IT Staff at customers with onsite installations of Maintenance Connection in troubleshooting issues encountered with the MC Agent. The MC Agent is the process used by Maintenance Connection to manage a number of automated features in the system, including notification emails, scheduled reports, work order rapid entry and the database job scheduler. The MC Agent, when installed, runs continuously checking for “jobs” that need to be executed, based on a defined “date/time” or occurrence of a specified event. This document provides IT staff with steps to follow if the agent is not working correctly in your network environment.


  • PM Troubleshooting: Guide to assist customers who encounter errors or difficulties with PM Generation, particularly those who prefer to use manual PM Generation or PM Projections, rather than available automated processes.


  • SMTP Troubleshooting: Guide to assist customers with SMTP Settings that are used to create emails invoked through the “First Time Login Process” or by clicking the “Email” Button on the Toolbar or Report Preview Window.


To access the Customer Service Portal, go to the Maintenance Connection Login Page and enter your company’s CSP ID and Password. If you do not remember your organization’s credentials, contact support for assistance.


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