Inside MC: Meet the Team – Mike

Customers might think of Mike Reiff as a whiz at software tricks and customer implementations, but truth be told – he also happens to be MC’s "go to" maintenance man! He seems to be able to fix just about everything (which came in mighty handy during the MCRV Tour, when our "not to be named" drivers were unable to get the hot water heater working J).

Mike has been on the MC Implementation Team since early 2006, and really enjoys having the opportunity to travel and meet so many different customers. He brings over 20 years of Facility Management experience to the job and takes great pleasure in sharing this experience with new customers and finding clever ways to address their unique needs.

Mike’s calm exterior, however, has a bit of a wild past – "wild west" that is… Mike competed in rodeos in high school and college, competing as both an amateur and professional. Yes, that’s Mike in the picture, steer wrestling – in which he was once ranked in the top 15 in the world! The rodeo circuit allowed Mike to travel all over the US and his winnings and horses (which he rented out to other competitors) provided enough cash flow to put him through college. A nasty knee injury (the kind where the body goes one way and the foot the other L) led to surgery and the end of his rodeo days.

Mike has stayed very close to his roots. He was born and raised on a farm in Woodland, California and has lived within a 4 mile radius his whole life. The artist rendering shown is a painting of his barn and wagon that was done by a friend of the family.




 When Mike isn’t traveling with MC, he enjoys vacations (the other kind of travel J) and spending time with his family. Mike just celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife Trish, and has two kids, Carter, who is on his way to Cal Poly –San Luis Obispo in the fall (mom and dad’s alumnae) and Tayler, a freshman in high school.

And, by the way, now that Mike’s mechanical skills have been revealed, be sure to put him to work the next time he is out your way for training or implementation!


One Response to “Inside MC: Meet the Team – Mike”

  1. Wow, so you are kind of a rough and ready dude, interesting. I’m really getting the hang of this CMMS (Maintenance Connection) is great.

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