Managing Staff Changes

Customers often inquire about the best method for handling the departure of staff members who are included in the system as labor resources, requesters and/or members. Since labor resources are tied to work orders through assignments and work order actual (cost) records, it is best to keep their labor record in the system for historical reporting. There are, however, some suggested methods for keeping records from “cluttering” your data and searches.

Delete Member Record

If the staff member had access to the system, it is important to remove their membership privileges. You can delete the member record for staff members who are no longer with your organization – it is only the labor/requester record that you want to keep for historical reporting.

To delete the member record:

  • Open the Member Module (File->Open->Members)
  • Locate the member using available search options
  • Verify you are viewing the correct member!
  • Click the Delete Button at the bottom of the page


Make Labor/Requester Record Inactive

To ensure that individuals no longer show up in lookups (requester, assignment and actual labor lookups), you simply need to access their labor or requester record and ensure that the check is removed from the “Active” Indicator on the right side of the Details Tab:

Removing the “Active” indicator will ensure that the individual does not show up when using labor or requester lookups, but the record will continue to exist for reporting.

Move Inactive Records to “Bottom” of Explorer

Labor and Requester records that have been made “inactive” will continue to show in the Explorer List. To move inactive records to the bottom of the list, you can add a “z” to the beginning of the respective name field:


This results in the record being moved to the “bottom” of the Explorer List as follows:


Use Conditional Formatting to Alter Style of Labor Records in Explorer

You can also use conditional formatting to “disable” the appearance of staff members that are no longer with your organization. In the following example, the inactive labor records are formatted to display in a very light grey:


To format the inactive labor records:

  • Open System Preferences (Tools->System Preferences) and select the Labor Module
  • Select the first available Format Criteria that is not in use (Format Criteria 1 in the blow example):

  • In the Current Value Box, enter:

SELECT 1 FROM LABOR WHERE Active=0 and LaborPK=[RECORDPK] and Active=0

  • Click Apply
  • Select the corresponding Format Style Preference and enter the desired HTML Style Code. In our example, you would enter the following into Format Style 1:


  • Click Apply
  • Close the Preferences Dialog.


Open the Labor Module and view how the records are displayed. If the Labor Module is already open, click on the refresh icon to refresh the list.

Tip: For further information on setting conditional formatting in other modules, including the Work Order Module, see the “Conditional Formatting Guide” in the Customer Service Portal.


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