Changing a Procedure after Work Order Is Issued

Once a work order has been issued in Maintenance Connection, defined tasks are “locked” in a protective state and cannot be edited. Since tasks on a work order typically originate from a defined PM Procedure, it is unusual for them to be changed after work order issue. As such, this approach ensures that tasks are not inadvertently changed by an end user.

Given this extra level of security, if a procedure is changed after the work order is issued, the tasks will not update with the tasks defined for the new procedure. In the unusual situation in which a procedure needs to be changed on an issued work order, use the following process:

  • Open the Work Order on which the procedure needs to be modified.
  • Select the “Unapprove” Option from the Action Dropdown Control on the right side of the Work Order Details Page.


  • The work order will be reverted to a “Requested” state.
  • Select the new procedure to be assigned to the work order and click “Save“.
  • The tasks associated with this newly defined procedure will now be associated with the work order and listed on the Tasks Tab.
  • You can make additional changes to the tasks listed as needed.
  • Once you are satisfied with the content of the tasks, you can “Issue” the work order again. The newly defined tasks will then be “protected” from further editing.


Note: This process can also be used to modify the content of tasks on an issued work order, even if the procedure is not being changed. Once the work order has been reverted to a “Requested” state through the “Unapprove” option, you can edit the content of any tasks listed on the Tasks Tab.


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