Asset Management Tools – 1 of 3

Maintenance Connection provides a few special tools to assist in the management of assets in Maintenance Connection. These tools allow you to globally operate on asset records and/or affect the display of the tree. In this first of a three part series on Asset Management Tools, we will highlight the Asset Hierarchy Display Order Tool that allows you to specify the order in which records are displayed in the Asset Tree. In the next two blogs, we will discuss the Warranty Manager, the Meter Manager, and the Asset Updater Using Classifications.

Records displayed in the Asset Tree can be ordered alphabetically (by Asset Name or ID) or set to display in a custom order. In the following example, the tree is displayed alphabetically by Asset Name:

As can be seen, this alphabetical sort puts the “Unused” node, used to store retired assets, above the Wilmington Site. The Asset Hierarchy Sort Tool can be used to move this node to the bottom of the tree display.

To change the order displayed on the tree, select “Asset Hierarchy Display Order” from the Tools Menu:


The tool will open, displaying the top level of the tree by default. Display order boxes will be shown next to the nodes, but these will not take effect unless the tool is set to support a “Custom” order. At the bottom of the dialog, the current default order will be shown:


To change the order, click on this link. A preference will display allowing you to change the default order:


To specify a custom order for one or more nodes of the tree, select “Custom” and click Apply.  You can then select the node of the tree on which you wish to specify a custom order. The contents of that node will be displayed on the right, allowing you to specify the desired order. In the following example, we are ordering the top display of the tree to move the “Unused” node to the bottom:


When you are finished, click Save. A message will appear indicating that the new order has been saved. Continue to select other nodes until all nodes on which you desire custom ordering have been specified. It should be noted that all nodes without a custom order specified will default to display alphabetically by Asset Name. Similarly, if you only specify an order for selected assets/locations in a given node, the remaining assets in that node will display below the ordered assets, in alphabetical order.

When you have finished specifying the desired order, click the Close Button. Navigate to the Asset Tree if not displayed and click the Refresh Icon to ensure the new order is in effect. Following is the revised display specified above:


You can use this same process to change the display order to Asset ID or back to Asset Name.


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