Mary Kay, a Current Hosting Client of Maintenance Connection

At Maintenance Connection, we provide hundreds of customers and clients with the ideal solution for their individual need. Our client needs range from facilities management solutions with AT&T, to utility and governmental maintenance management systems, to manufacturing and maintenance software solutions for Mary Kay. Maintenance Connection provides online hosting services, because while some companies and businesses require on-site maintenance software, other companies and businesses prefer to have their information and maintenance management systems hosted by a third party to eliminate cost and up-keep.

Mary Kay Inc., one of the largest direct sellers of cosmetics and skin care products in the world, is of our current online hosting service clients. Mary Kay currently uses our hosted Maintenance Connection solution. Mary Kay, while functioning majorly online and out of the homes of Independent Beauty Consultants, does have a brick and mortar location in Texas and requires a maintenance management system. Maintenance management systems provide clients with maintenance software equipped with the ability to organize and assess current and future work orders and maintenance schedules to help to eliminate costly repairs and lower the overall cost of ownership for the business owner.

Facilities maintenance can be costly and time consuming, so having the right organization and software can help to reduce and eliminate overall cost for the company. Mary Kay chose to have a maintenance management system that is part of Maintenance Connection’s hosting services to eliminate the cost of up-keep and overall ownership. Contact us for more information about our facilities management solutions and maintenance software solutions.


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