Using Barcodes with Maintenance Connection

Customers interested in enhancing the efficiency of their inventory and asset management practices often inquire about using barcodes and scanning technology. Barcode support in Maintenance Connection facilitates searches for inventory items, work orders, purchase orders or assets. Through the use of a scanning device, users can scan the ID for an item into an MC Search Field, rather than type the value, which can improve both accuracy and efficiency.

Barcode technology is most widely used with the Maintenance Connection Mobile Editions, as typing is more cumbersome with small devices. As an example, barcode scanning can be used to quickly add parts to a work order. Once the option to add a part has been selected, you can simply place the cursor in the Item # field prompt and scan the inventory tag from a stock room shelf.


In the MC Mobile Wireless Edition, scanning can also be used to facilitate Inventory Counts. Once the “Count Inventory Feature” is accessed, you scan in the item ID and then specify the current count:


Similarly, asset tags with barcodes can be used in the field to create new work orders or facilitate searches for existing work orders. While the benefits of scanning are more apparent with mobile devices, customers can also use scanning devices to facilitate searches in the Maintenance Connection MRO WorkCenter.

Mobile Devices with Scanning Capabilities

Customers often inquire about mobile devices with scanning capabilities that work effectively with our system. To assist customers in identifying and selecting devices for use with MC Mobile, we recommend you consult the website of RMS Omega, our preferred provider. RMS Omega provides certified mobile computers, hardware, labels, supplies and services for Maintenance Connection customers.

For More Information….

For additional information about barcode support in Maintenance Connection, refer to the Barcode Support Document available from the Customer Support Portal. This document provides additional information about setting up barcode formats in MC, and provides examples of common uses for the MC Mobile Wireless and Offline Editions, as well as the full MRO WorkCenter.

Note: To access the Customer Support Portal, go to the Maintenance Connection Login Page and enter your company’s CSP ID and Password. If you do not remember your organization’s credentials, contact support for assistance. Once inside the Customer Support Portal, click the Documents link on the left. 


To learn more about our MC Mobile Edition products, contact your Account Manager.


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