Work Order Tools – 2 of 3

The Work Order Rapid Entry Tool provides a quick mechanism to add new work orders and is especially valuable when creating work orders from the field or when entering from a log sheet. The feature provides a single screen entry mechanism that may be configured for your organization to include the fields that are important when establishing a new work order.  In the following example, the technician has one screen to supply the reason, asset, problem code, labor report and hours worked.


Using the preferences that are available, you can define the fields that should be displayed, as well as default values that should be populated. Using the following settings, the Priority Field would be displayed for selection, with a default value of “Normal”. The Type field would not be displayed, but all work orders created would have a “CO/Corrective” value populated into the field:


In the image below you can see the results of these settings:


As you can see above, you can also set the tool up to allow for the entry of items/parts using the following preference:


The newly created work orders can even be “completed” (or closed) during creation, ensuring that unplanned work that is performed can be easily recorded. Preferences are available to determine whether the “Complete” (or “Close) prompt should be visible and what the default value should be:



Once the information for the work order has been entered, you click the Save Button on the bottom of the screen.


The page refreshes, retaining the information entered for the asset and labor record, allowing you to expediently enter another work order with similar attributes. The process can be repeated until all desired work orders have been entered. When finished, you click the Close Button. The information entered will be sent to the Maintenance Connection Agent Queue for processing. Once the MC Agent has created the new work orders, they will be available in the Work Order Module for viewing:


Note: You must have the Maintenance Connection Agent installed in order to use the Work Order Rapid Entry Feature. Contact MC Support if you are not certain as to whether this feature is installed.


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