Inside MC – Meet the Team – Dan

In our efforts to “raise the bar” this year, Dan Buljan stands out as a team member that exemplifies this effort for our Customer Support Team.   Since Dan joined the team at the beginning of this year, he has shown a level of enthusiasm and commitment that has been duly noted by both customers and internal staff.  He is often commended by customers for his patient and committed approach to resolving their issues.  Dan enjoys analyzing the best way to reach a solution and connecting with customers to show them the best solutions to the questions and inquiries they present.

While attending the California State University at Chico, Dan worked for the Athletic/Recreational Department in numerous capacities. When he graduated with a business degree in human resources, he was offered an Assistant Director position with the department, where he was able to utilize his acquired skills in the recruiting, training and general management areas. Dan then transitioned to a position with the State of California, where he found himself evolving into an unofficial “go to” person for computer and technical issues. This led Dan to transition to a career more directly in the software industry.

Dan was raised in the Sacramento area, and now lives in Woodland. He is an avid golfer, or maybe we should say “fair weather” golf aficionado. In the winter, he is rarely found on the greens, but is known to hit the course 3 -4 times a week in milder conditions – (yes – we mean mild in “California” terms)J….

Dan and his girlfriend of 5 years, Danielle, love to travel and have a personal goal of traveling to all 7 continents. They knocked two continents off of their list with a spectacular 2009 trip to Spain and Morocco. In the pictures below, Dan took his chances on a camel, while Danielle befriended a wild monkey:

In his free time, Dan also enjoys cooking and is known to make some rather odd concoctions for the BBQ – including one with peanut butter that he swears received good reviews! If any of you are in the Sacramento area and are looking for a fourth for your “golf foursome” or feel daring about experimenting with some creative cooking methods, give Dan a call.


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