Version 5.0 Release – Reporter Enhancements

In this second blog in the series summarizing new features in Version 5.0, we will review several valuable enhancements to the MC Reporter, including the ability to export reports to a PDF, new multi-series charting capabilities and a new “save all” feature for editable smart reports.

Export to PDF

Reports displayed in the Report Preview Window can now be exported to a PDF.


The exported PDF is automatically opened in a browser, allowing you to “Save” or “Print”.


Multi-Series Charting

New options are also available to create multi-series charts:


In the following example, a multi-series bar chart was created displaying work order count, target hours and actual hours for different work order types:


In this example, a stacked bar chart was created summarizing labor and material costs for different work order types:


Save As Function in Smart Reports

A “Save All” Button has been added to “Editable” Smart Reports to allow changes made to multiple rows to be saved in a single step. After saving, the page refreshes showing the records that updated correctly in “green” and highlighting rows with errors in “red”:


Next Week….

In next week’s blog previewing Version 5.0 features, we will preview enhancements to the Work Order Module.


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