Version 5.0 Release – Work Order Enhancements

A number of new features in Version 5.0 will enhance the flexibility and capabilities of the Work Order Module. In this blog topic we will summarize enhancements to the Work Order Report and Complete/Close Dialog, as well as the ability to create a follow up work order when tasks are marked as failed.

Customization Options on Work Order Report

Extensive preferences have been added to the Work Order Report to allow you to customize the appearance of the Printed Work Order. You have control over the display of numerous fields, including some that were not previously available, such as work order sub-status, asset address and additional details like model/serial #. You are also given more control over the display of fields, such as the indicators shown in the top section.


In the subsequent sections of the report, you now have more control over the columns that should display, as well as the report line height of the “fill in blank” lines. In addition, there are new options to include sections for approvals and signatures, as well as one to control the number of entry lines displayed for the Labor Report:


Enhanced Complete/Close Changes

A significantly faster and more flexible method for adding parts to the Enhanced Complete/Close Dialog is available. You can now search for material by entering any characters or numbers that exist in the Part ID or Name. MC will dynamically (and rapidly) display the records that correspond, narrowing the results as you enter more characters for the search.


In addition, you can now update the actual quantity for estimated material populated from a PM/Procedure and can even require that tasks are marked as complete (or failed) before a work order can be completed by a technician. Lastly, you can set the default value for the “Split Labor Hours” indicator for grouped work orders.


Follow Up Work Orders on Failed Tasks

There is also a new feature that allows you to create a follow up work order for failed tasks (or separate work orders for each failed task) from the Complete/Close Dialog. This feature is available for customers that use both the Standard and Enhanced Complete/Close Dialog. A new preference is available to set the default value for the control.


Next Week….

In next week’s blog previewing Version 5.0 features, we will take a peek at enhancements to the Purchase Order Module, including the ability to set approval requirements based on the amount of the purchase order.


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