Version 5.0 Release – General Enhancements

In this last in the series on the Version 5.0 Release, we will highlight a few general enhancements that will be of special benefit to customers. These enhancements include Background Processing for Manual PM/Projection Generation, Extra Password for Delete Confirm and New Recipient Options in the Rules Manager.

Background Processing for Manual PM/Projection Generation

While most customers take advantage of MC’s automated capabilities for the generation of Preventive Maintenance Work Orders, the “manual generation” process is sometimes used to deal with special circumstances or to generate Work Order Projections. This “manual generation” feature has been enhanced to allow for background processing to improve efficiency and eliminate possible “time out” errors when large batches are generated.

A new PM Preference is available to indicate that you wish to generate Manual PM and PM Projection Work Orders in the “background”:

Once the preference for this has been set, requests for generation are put into a queue allowing you to continue to work elsewhere in Maintenance Connection until the process is complete. Once the PMs/Projections have been generated, a brief notification will display in the lower right of your screen.

Extra Password on Delete

The ability to delete records in MC is controlled by permissions and users are always prompted to “confirm” any deletions. However, customers have often asked for an “extra” step to ensure users pause and verify that they wish to delete the identified record. You can now set a new preference that prompts users to enter an additional “delete password” when attempting to delete records. Once your system is set to “require” this new password, the “Yes” option on the “Delete Confirm” will not display until the correct password is entered.


New “Recipient” Options for Notification Rules

The Rules Manager now includes an option to send a notification to the “Assigned Labor (Pager)”, which can be used to send a text message to the technician. To use this feature, you must determine the domain that is used by the technician’s wireless carrier. For example, for Verizon Wireless, the domain “” is used. As such, to send an automated text message to a Verizon subscriber with the number 916-555-1212, you would enter into the technician’s Pager Email Field.

Notifications can now also be automatically sent to the individual who recorded the work order (“Taken By”).

Version 5.0 Upgrade
Customers with onsite installations of Maintenance Connection will be receiving an email shortly providing instructions for requesting the software upgrade. If you have questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact MC Support.


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