Inside MC – Meet the Team – Ken

Since joining our Customer Support Team last September, Ken Shampo has shown an unusual zeal for problem solving. Ken enjoys interacting with customers on all support issues, but has shown a penchant for working through complex issues that require extensive problem solving and organization skills!

Ken has an eclectic background that includes 13 years in the military, primarily as a “rocket launcher”. After joining the military at a young age, Ken joined an MLRS training unit (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems), initially serving in the hatch where rockets are launched. Throughout his tenure with the military, Ken advanced to Platoon Sergeant where he directed training missions for the full platoon. After retiring from the military, Ken returned to school where he obtained his BS in Accounting. Impressively, he then invested a couple of years pursuing a second degree in engineering, prior to joining the private sector in the software industry.

Ken has lived in Kimberly, Wisconsin (south of Green Bay) for the past four years with his wife Jenny and eight year old son, Xander. While Ken considers himself a sports fan, he quickly learned that one has “never met a true sports fan until they have lived in the Green Bay Area”J. Ken’s family, pictured below, enjoys the outdoors a great deal – hiking, camping, canoeing and riding bikes. In the winter, they escape the cold weather by making frequent visits to the gym or “Y”, playing basketball and racquetball.


Ken’s family also enjoys traveling on the weekends, exploring local spots like Chicago, Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Dells. For longer vacations, Disney Resorts are a favorite. In the picture below, Ken and Xander are shown at Disneyland with Jack and Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”, apparently a family favorite!



While we at MC may not benefit much from his rocket launch experience, truth be told, Ken brings an impressive set of organization skills from his military training. He received an Army Commendation Medal for developing a system that organizes unit training rooms – a process that became the standard for all units in Korea where he was stationed. We have put those skills to good use, tasking Ken with a project to enhance our reporting library. So, next time you are working on a tricky report request – look for Ken on the other end of the chat or support line!




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