Building on Your Investment – Bulletins Module

This is the 100th Maintenance Connection Blog post!

In this final blog in the series on modules that are not used to their full capacity, we will discuss how the Bulletins Module can be used to keep staff informed of upcoming events and deadlines.

Bulletins, which are displayed on the Home Page of both the MRO and Technician Work Center, can include HTML formatting to draw attention to particular items. In the following example from the TWC Home Page, the days of the week for anticipated “downtime” are formatted to display in a red, bold font:

Clicking on the bulletin, such as with this example from the MRO Home Page, displays additional information as needed:

To create a bulletin:

  • Open the Bulletins Module

  • Create a “New Bulletin.” Let’s create a bulletin to announce a training session for new equipment brought into the Fleet Shop.
  • In the Bulletin Name prompt, we could enter: “Training – Emissions Equip – Today at 4PM“.
    • Customers with experience with HTML Formatting can use HTML Tags (such as <b></b> for bold) to draw attention to the time:
    • Training – Emissions Equip – <b>Today at 4PM</b>“.
  • In the Bulletin field, additional information, such as the location and required attendees could be specified. For example, “Training on new Emissions Test Equipment will be held in Bay 5 at 4PM today. All certified technicians should attend.”
  • To limit the display of this bulletin to only technicians from Fleet, we could specify “Fleet” for the Shop.
  • The Active Date field is used to indicate the first date on which the bulletin should display. The Inactive Date field is used to indicate when the bulletin should no longer be displayed.

To display this bulletin only on April 8th, the following information could be specified:

This bulletin would display as follows on the Home Page of staff members in the Fleet Shop:


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