What is a Work Order?

If you have never worked in maintenance, you probably have no idea what a work order is or what it entails. While you might have seen a work order or even had a work order completed for you, understanding what a work order is and how it works can help you to understand the process of maintenance management and how work order software can be beneficial to facility management processes.

Many companies and organizations complete work orders to help with maintenance of machines, air conditioners, servers, respirators and more. While it might seem futile to have to complete a work order for someone to come and unclog your college campus toilet, without a proper paper trail—or electronic paper trail—maintenance personnel could accidentally skip over your request. Work orders help to organize daily tasks for maintenance personnel and work orders help to keep maintenance management in tune with what has been worked on, what needs to be worked on, and how long each task or assignment takes to complete.

Customers, clients, personnel and anyone with access authorization can complete work orders through work order software to keep information safe, secure and organized. Many work orders can be completed and submitted online through work orders software—to help streamline the process from request to completion. Work order software can help maintenance personnel keep track of daily work orders for a more efficient and streamlined process. To help your organization streamline your work order process and facility management, consider work order software from Maintenance Connection.


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