MC Tablet Edition

Maintenance Connection is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new MC Tablet Wireless Edition, providing mobile users with an enhanced user interface that takes advantage of the larger viewing area available on tablet devices. As with our current MC Mobile Wireless Edition for handheld devices, MC Tablet is a valuable work flow management tool, providing technicians with quick access to work orders and key data from the field. This new offering was developed in response to the increased availability of larger and more interactive mobile devices that provide users with bigger screens, as well as touch based interfaces.

The MC Tablet Wireless Edition offers the same functionality that is included in the current MC Mobile Wireless Edition. Members can view and edit open work orders, as well as create new requests when needed. In addition, members with the requisite permission can count inventory or view/edit assets:

The Work Order List is especially easy to read and navigate, providing technicians with quick access to their assignments:

Once a work order is selected, technicians can easily view tasks, add material costs, and enter information required to “complete” the work order:

The MC Tablet Edition uses a wireless Internet connection, providing real time access and updates to your MC data. Although the MC Tablet Edition is optimized for tablet devices such as the Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy, it is compatible with a broader array of browsers, and may thus also meet the needs of organizations using netbooks or laptops.

Whether you are looking to extend your MC implementation to mobile devices for the first time, or wish to provide some of your current mobile users with this enhanced interface, the MC Tablet Wireless Edition may be just the tool you need. For more information on this offering, which will be available at the end of May, contact the MC Sales Department at



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