Rules Manager – 1 of 3

The Maintenance Connection Rules Manager supports two valuable automated processes, the generation of email notifications and the creation of automatic assignments. We will begin this series by reviewing the most common uses for Notification Rules, and then cover how customers have found Assignment Rules to be most beneficial.

Notification Rules

Notification Rules allow you to send an email to individuals based on specific actions, such as the creation or completion of a work order, a KPI that has reached a critical level, the issuance of a purchase order or an asset that has been brought out of service. In the Work Order Module alone, there are over 25 events from which to choose:


Let’s create a sample notification rule to email the System Administrator when a new service request has been initiated:

  • Select Tools->Rules Manager from the Menu Bar.
  • Select the Notification Rules Tab and click the New Button at the bottom of the dialog.


  • The New Auto-Email Rule Dialog will display, prompting you to select an event.
  • Scroll down to the Work Order Events and select “EVENT: New Work Order (Created Using the Service Requester)”
  • Click the Save Button and you will be returned to the Notifications Rules Tab with your new rule displayed on the list.
  • Click on the new rule to select it, and then click on the Edit Button. The Edit Auto-Email Rule Dialog will display.
  • Click on the Recipients Tab to specify the email recipient. Enter the email address of the System Administrator in the Additional Recipients Area. Email addresses of MC Members can also be retrieved using the Add Button on the page.


  • Click on the Message (HTML) Tab to view the content of the email, which can be changed as desired. As can be seen, you can insert field values from the work order by placing “@@” around the respective field name.

  • Click Save when you are finished.


The resulting email to the System Administrator might appear as follows:


Tip: For more information on the options available for creating Notification Rules, refer to the User Guide available from the Help menu within the application. If your organization is having difficulty with Notification Rules, refer to the Email Troubleshooting Guide available from the Customer Support Portal (CSP).


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