Help Us Help You – 3 of 3

In this final post in the series on our support services, we will discuss the process in place for customers to offer suggestions for product functionality and features. When you contact a Solutions Engineer with a problem or challenge, we work hard to identify capabilities available within our existing software that will address your needs. While we always endeavor to find an available solution, there are times when the functionality you desire is not included in our current offering. When this occurs, we create a Product Suggestion on your behalf, ensuring that this functionality is considered for a future release.

The suggestions received from customers are reviewed by our Product Development Team on a weekly basis to ensure they are properly evaluated and prioritized. Suggestions received from multiple customers and those that we perceive will provide the greatest benefits are given the highest priority to ensure they are considered for an upcoming release.

As an example, we have received a number of requests to provide functionality that would allow a user to tie a work order to multiple assets. Although this functionality is supported through procedures with the “link to multiple assets” functionality, customers have indicated that they would also like the ability to link to multiple assets dynamically, while in the process of creating or editing the work order. When a suggestion such as this is first received, a new Product Suggestion is created and the appropriate customer is listed. If additional customers offer the same suggestion, they are added to the original Product Suggestion and any additional comments are entered.

A Product Suggestion such as this is considered valuable to a broad segment of our customer base, so it is prioritized highly (“Top Development Priority”) to ensure its consideration for inclusion in the next product release.

Our customers are enthusiastic about making product suggestions, so we have a healthy collection of ideas for consideration with each new version. If you are looking for functionality not currently offered in Maintenance Connection, be sure to contact a Solutions Engineer to ensure your idea is recorded in a Product Suggestion!


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