Smart Reports – 1 of 3

Did you know that Maintenance Connection Reports can include “smart” actions, allowing you to click on a row/column displayed in a report and open the respective record or a defined report? You can even use “smart” features to allow editing of report fields from within a report, or updates to status (e.g., Issue work orders). In this three part series on Smart Reports we will review each of these capabilities.

In this first blog in the series, we will demonstrate how to directly access the Workcenter tabs of a work order by clicking on an associated row listed in a “smart” report.

Tip: It would be a good idea to copy an “Open Work Order List” to use for testing out the features in this Blog Series. Consider naming the report: Smart Report Test.

  • Select and Run the report on which you will be setting up this feature (e.g., the copied “Smart Report Test”). When the report displays in the Report Preview Window, click on Setup to define your smart action:

  • Click on the Smart Elements Tab and turn Smart Mode “On”:

  • Select the Smart Actions Sub-Tab. From this sub-tab, we can specify the type of smart action to enable.

  • Select “Row (Single Smart Action per Row)” from the Smart Action Type Dropdown Control:

  • Additional fields will display to define the desired “action.” From the Smart Action Dropdown Control, ensure “Popup WorkCenter” is displayed.
  • In our example, we will allow the user viewing the report to open the work order listed. To enable this, scroll to the bottom of the Smart Action Field Value Dropdown Control and select “[WO]WO“:

  • In the Smart Action Tool Tip field, enter “Click here to open this work order“. Your page should appear as follows:

  • Click Apply when you are finished to view the “smart action” in the report.
  • Hover your mouse over a report row. Notice that the row becomes highlighted and the “tool tip” you specified is shown:

  • Click on a desired row. The Work Order WorkCenter should pop up, displaying the work order identified in the report:

Be sure to refer to the Reporter Guide for additional instructions. The Tips and Troubleshooting: Advanced Reporting Tips Section includes specific examples for connecting fields and rows to both WorkCenter Popups and Reports.


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