Smart Reports – 2 of 3

In this second post in the series on Smart Reports, we will review the benefits of creating “editable reports” to update field values. Providing editable fields on a report is a very convenient feature, as multiple records can be updated on a single page.  In addition, since the report form is set up to include only the fields of importance to the intended audience, it can provide an expedient and intuitive data entry point, eliminating the need to navigate to different records and tabs. Let’s review some examples of smart reports that customers have found to be beneficial.

In our first example, a smart report has been set up to enter or update Serial Numbers on Assets. After the Serial Number has been entered and the user clicks “Save”, the record refreshes in green, indicating that the change has been saved:

In the next example, a smart report has been set up to edit the Account and Target Date on work orders targeted for completion on a given date. During smart report editing, users can even access lookups to retrieve acceptable values. As shown below, double clicking in the AccountID brings forward the Account Lookup from which the correct account can be selected. If an invalid entry is typed directly into a field, a warning will display upon “save”, ensuring the integrity of your data.

This last example shows a report created to allow supervisors to review and edit entries technicians have made to the Labor Report, ensuring that work order feedback displayed in the Service Requester or emailed through a notification rule is presented as desired.

Also note the “Save All” Button shown above the first record. This new feature, added in V5, allows changes made to multiple rows to be saved in a single step. After saving, the page refreshes showing the records that updated correctly in “green” and highlighting rows with errors in “red.” It is important to note that this feature saves all records displayed in the report, not just those for which an update has been entered. As such, it is wise to carefully define report criteria when performing a “Save All’ to ensure performance efficiency.

Editable Smart Reports must be carefully defined to ensure that only desired data is updated. For assistance in setting up a report for editable fields, contact Maintenance Connection Support.


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