Smart Reports – 3 of 3

Smart Reports – 3 of 3

In this last post in the series on Smart Reports, we will review a valuable feature that lets you update the status of work orders directly from a report. Customers have found this feature especially useful for quickly reviewing and issuing requested work orders, or even closing out work orders that have been completed by technicians.

Let’s walk through an example of an “actionable” smart report that allows supervisors to review and close out completed work orders:

  • Copy an Open Work Order List/Report to test out this feature. The Smart Report Test recommended in the first post in this series can be used.
  • Select and Run the report, modifying Report Criteria as desired. When the report displays in the Report Preview Window, click on Setup to define your smart action:

  • Modify the Display Fields List to include the “WO.Complete” and “WO.LaborReport” fields:

  • Click on the Smart Elements Tab and ensure Smart Mode is set “On”.

  • Select the Smart Button(s) Sub-Tab to specify the “actionable” button to display. Select “Close (No Dialog)” from the Smart Button(s) Dropdown Control and “[WO]WO” from the Smart Button Field Value Dropdown Control:

  • Click Apply when you are finished to view the report. Notice how an option to “Close” each work order is now displayed.

  • When the “Close” Button is clicked, the page refreshes with the record displayed in bold text and the “Close” button for the row disabled:

Smart Reports can even be set up to include multiple smart actions. Building on the example discussed in last week’s post on Editable Smart Reports, a report could be set up that allowed you to edit the content of the Labor Report and close out the work order:

Remember to refer to the Tips and Troubleshooting: Advanced Reporting
Tips Section of the Reporter Guide for additional guidance on smart reports. Also, for more information on linking to records/reports from a report row or column, be sure to check out the first post in this series.


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