Research Group Reports on Enterprise Asset Management Software

Aberdeen Group, a research and market intelligence firm that has surveyed 30,000 companies in the past two years, recently released their findings in regards to where they believe enterprise asset management software is heading in 2012. If you’re in the field of facilities management, then you already know how crucial this element is to your operations; but Aberdeen’s findings underscore just how important it is to have enterprise asset management software that you can rely on. Our software is designed to be simple to use so that you can focus on your operations themselves rather than wasting time fretting over the program that runs them.
Getting back to Aberdeen, their findings were published in “Enterprise Asset Management 2012: A Data Driven Predictive Approach to Maintenance” by Senior Research Associate Nuris Ismail. In his research, Ismail discovered that businesses that are leading their respective industries are taking advantage of asset management tools to cut back on operational expenditures, to boost profits and even to up their competitive standing in the marketplace. We don’t have to tell you how fierce competition can be these days, so you want to take advantage of any opportunity you have to get a leg up.

Those in the manufacturing biz, for example, are routinely asked to get the biggest return possible out of every last asset at their disposal. In order to do this, they need to strive to keep said assets up and running and plan around any unforeseen failures. The report, which you can access here, details how professionals in the manufacturing business can bump up availability, reliability and safety of their assets, people and products with enterprise asset management software.


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