Lightly Used Features – 1 of 3 – Notification Email History

In this three part series on Lightly Used Features, we will take a peek at some capabilities that are sometimes overlooked in Maintenance Connection. Or, as MC Support would say, features that elicit the “Oh – I didn’t know we could do that” response! This week’s blog will cover the ability to view email notification history on a work order. In the next two topics in the series, we will cover how to connect a User Defined Field (UDF) to a custom lookup and how to create pre-defined “comments” to add to the labor report or task completion comments.

Notification Email History

Customers use the Rules Manager to set up automated notifications for a variety of circumstances. Notifications are triggered based on the occurrence of an “event”, such as a new work order request, work order assignment, or work order completion. What many customers do not realize, however, is that MC maintains a history of these notifications that can be viewed from the perspective of the work order.

For example, let’s say you have set up a rule to notify the individual initiating the request when work has been completed. To verify what notifications have been sent, you can just open the work order and access the Work Order History Tab. The Work Order Event History will display a record indicating when a notification email was sent:

Clicking on this record brings forward a dialog displaying the email content and recipients:

Since notification emails are dynamically generated behind the scene, it is quite helpful to have this visual verification of the content that was sent.

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