Lightly Used Features – 2 of 3 – Connect UDF to Lookup

In this second topic in the series on Lightly Used Features, we will show how a custom field (UDF) can be renamed and connected to a table of acceptable values (lookup). Let’s take the example of an organization that needs to keep track of the type of security access that is associated with their locations and equipment.

In this example, we would most likely want to use an available UDF displayed on the Asset Details->User Defined Sub-Tab. To rename (label) the field and designate the appropriate lookup:

  • Click the field label for the field to be modified and the Popup Help Window for that field will display:

  • Click the Edit Button at the bottom of the dialog.

  • The page will refresh with the Field Label, Lookup Indicator and Help Text editable.
    • Specify a desired value for the field name/label and enter help text as appropriate.
    • To tie the field to a lookup table, ensure the “Lookup Table” indicator is checked:

  • Click the Apply Button to save your changes. The dialog will refresh with your changes showing.

  • Click the Close Button and the Help Popup will close, showing the new field label, along with a “lookup” control to the right of the field.

  • Click on the lookup control to bring forward the newly created lookup table. Use standard features to add values to the lookup as desired (click on NEW).

Connecting a UDF to a lookup table ensures that only valid entries can be made to the field, ensuring data integrity for reporting and other uses.


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