Lightly Used Features – 3 of 3 – Quick Add Comments

In this last post in the series on Lightly Used Features, we will show how predefined “comments” can be used in the Labor Report and Task Completion Comments to support more rapid and consistent data entry. Customers often look for ways to ensure that data entered in the system is consistent for reporting, and this can be a challenge in free form entry fields such as the Labor Report. Taking advantage of the “Quick Add Comments” feature is a great method to increase standardization.

From the Work Order Complete/Close Dialog, users can click on the Add Button in the upper right hand corner of the Labor Report to retrieve a lookup table of acceptable values:

Selecting a value, places the selected “comment” into the Labor Report, where additional details can be added as needed.

As with all MC Lookup Tables, the values in the table can be edited by individuals who are members of an access group with permission to do so. For example, by clicking the Edit Button and selecting “New Code/Description” at the bottom of the list, a new comment can be defined:

The same lookup is available when the user clicks the button on a Task Record to access the Task Comment Dialog.

Users can even add multiple comments. As shown below, the user has returned to the lookup to select a second comment to add to the Labor Report:


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