Maintenance Connection Customer Coordinators

At Maintenance Connection, we often review our customer management process to ensure it best serves the needs of our growing customer base. We determined that new customers would benefit from greater assistance transitioning between sales and implementation. To this end, we created a Customer Coordinator role, managing the Pre-Implementation Process, to ensure that customers have the proper building blocks for a successful implementation:

The Customer Coordinator is the first point of contact following the sale being finalized. During a “Welcome Conference” the customer is provided an overview of the implementation process, as well as a demonstration of the customer support tools available to them. More importantly, the Customer Coordinator uses this opportunity to learn more about the customer, gaining a better understanding of the size and complexity of the implementation effort. This information allows the Customer Coordinator to determine the Implementation Consultant who would best match the customer’s needs and anticipated timeline.

After this initial “Welcome Conference,” the customer transitions to the assigned Implementation Consultant, with whom the remaining implementation is managed. As the above diagram illustrates, once the implementation is complete, the customer transitions to the Post-Implementation Phase, working with the general support team (Solution Engineers) when questions or needs arise. Although the Customer Coordinator Role is most active during the Pre-Implementation Phase, their skills are also used to manage Post Implementation training requests, again ensuring the best match between a customer’s needs and an available training resource.

The MC Customer Coordinators are always looking for ways to improve the long term customer experience. As such, they are currently developing an audit process to more quickly analyze database configuration to determine potential areas for improvement. More importantly, they are working on designing a new customer support center with enhanced tools for customers to interact with our support team and gain access to guidance and technical information. Stay tuned for additional information on this valuable new service in the coming months.


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