PM Configuration – 3 of 3 – Generate Single PM

In this third post in the PM Configuration Series, we will discuss the feature to manually generate an individual PM Schedule. While customers are encouraged to use Automated PM Generation whenever possible, some prefer to use manual generation for particular circumstances. For example, if “Fire Alarm Inspections” are required each month or quarter, the organization may prefer to defer the generation of the work orders until a window of opportunity in the given time period occurs. For situations such as this, PM Schedules can be set to generate manually, using the indicator on the Preventive Maintenance Automation

When PMs are set as shown above, the Preventive Maintenance Section of the Home Page includes a notification, ensuring you are aware that schedules are due. In addition, an option to “Generate Work Orders” is shown:

The Generate Work Orders option prompts you to generate all schedules that are due at once. In the above example, this would result in work orders being generated for all “11” PM Schedules. In many cases, it is preferable to generate one or more selected schedules at a time, rather than all that are due.

To generate individual PM Schedules, click the PM Schedules Due alert on the home page. The PM Module will open with the PM Schedules that are due displayed in the Explorer Pane:

To generate an individual schedule, such as the “FIRE-INS” Schedule above, click on it. The schedule will open in the Preventive Maintenance Work Center. Prior to generating the schedule, it is always a good idea to click on the Assets Tab to verify that the correct work orders are targeted to generate. If the Next Scheduled Date needs to be adjusted on any assets prior to work order generation, you can use the instructions provided in the first blog in this series, PM Configuration – Update Assets.

To generate the work orders associated with the currently selected schedule, click the Generate Button on the bottom of the page.

The Generate Work Orders Dialog will display, listing the name of the currently selected PM Schedule in green in the upper right hand corner. When the PM Schedule Name is shown, you can be assured that proceeding will only generate work orders for the indicated schedule:

To proceed with work order generation, click the Generate Button at the bottom of the dialog.

You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to proceed. You will then either be notified to wait as work orders are being generated, or informed that your request has been sent to the queue for background processing. Once work orders have been generated, you can view them in the Work Order Module.

Note: Organizations that utilize the Manual PM Process are strongly encouraged to ensure the PM Preference to Generate Work Orders in the Background is set “on” to minimize problems that can occur (such as a time-out).


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